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Since the Middle Ages to the 12th century, the village of Saint Émilion has contained monolithic underground cellars.

All along centuries, the stones were extracted to be used in the construction of houses, ramparts, churches and monasteries of Saint-Émilion and its surroundings. History even says that our limestone was used in the construction of the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux. 

It is said that the cellars served as a mushroomniers, then, after the discovery of the large silos, we think that these also served as a place of storageckage of cereals, which were brought up via these silos by the Minor Brothers (“ Fray Menuts” in Gascon).


When purchasing their house, Arlette and Pierre Rivière discovered underground galleries which had been blocked by debris. They decided to remove them and restore these galleries in order to make it their wine cellar. Only the buried concrete tanks have been added. 


From 1978, the cellar became an essential place to visit in Saint-Émilion. Arlette and Pierre Rivière built a new vat room and barrel cellar, larger and more modern, outside the village. And at the same time, they make the cellars a place for visiting and tasting. 


To mark the occasion, they called on a local stonemason to carve winegrowing scenes in stone, thus embellishing the cellar and sharing the Saint-Emilion heritage.

From winter pruning of the vines, to barrel ageing and, of course, the harvest, Come and discover our cellars. Visits are free and you're welcome all year round.

Emilie and Leslie can also help you discover all the other RIVIERE family estates (Appellations Bordeaux, Bordeaux Supérieur, Lussac Saint-Emilion, Montagne Saint-Emilion, and Graves).

You are most Welcome!

Open year-round, Monday to Sunday and public holidays - Summer: 10am-7pm; Winter: 10am-5pm

05 57 74 45 77 ; ; 2 place du chapitre in Saint-Emilion

- Free visit without appointment -


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